Hi!... We're Kaye, Brian & Jocelyn and all of us have been in the 'story-telling' zone in some way or another most of our lives.

Kaye as a radio/TV Journalist/Newsreader and Brian as a Producer/Recording Engineer, Jingle writer in radio/TV & the music industry.

We also had a long running national radio show called Pet Talk Radio which morphed into VETtalk TV and more recently, Food-Wine-Pets-Travel... telling stories about all the good things in life!

And Jocelyn is also a journalist/editor, author of travel stories, memoirs and creative non-fiction and also used to own a wedding and portrait photography business. Jocelyn currently runs Jocelyn Magazine.

So as you can see we have a lot in common. But more importantly we're all interested in the same thing.

Good health, good food and a healthy lifestyle

So why... The PooCast Podcast!

Well to be honest we've been seeing a lot of diet related issues lately - not just obesity, but an increase in Type-2 diabetes, Chrones Disease, Coeliacs (Gluten intolerance), IBS and more, so we started doing a lot more research into the topic and have learnt a lot we want to share.

In fact Kaye has recently completed and passed with flying colours, a Nutrition & Mental Health course with the University of Canterbury NZ. 

And it's not just about us. We'll be talking with experts in dieting, nutrition and more, including how our mental health is related to what we eat and drink & more.

We don't do interviews... we just chat & listen and hope you can too! 
In fact we'll also be transcribing our episodes if you prefer to read!

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Kaye Browne, Brian Pickering & Jocelyn Watts
Co-hosts of The PooCast Podcast


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